Helped Samsung launch its new OLED TV product successfully and reinforce its no.1 position in the market. The goal was to help them create and own the new product category territory in shopper’s mind and increase the purchase intention through its distinctive in-store experience.

Different concept displays were developed to attract shoppers by conspicuous and differentiated POS design. Shoppers were encouraged to experience the new product features and benefits, while displays strongly reinforced Samsung's brand identity in shops.

The design criteria considered a minimalistic premium aesthetic, vibrancy to convey the brand and kinetic capabilities of OLED TV, integrated and easy to understand messaging, accentuate the ultra-thin design of the product, an immersive design that encouraged user interaction and refined materiality.

  • Concept design
  • Oversaw and produced renderings
  • Managed freelancers and vendors
  • Oversaw and produced design intent drawings
  • Sourced materials and oversaw development of specialized samples and prototypes for Hero displays.
  • Developed end caps, in-line displays, aisle displays and immersive installations for OLED TV and lower tier TV Products and accessories
  • Created merchandising guidelines