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Pencil To Pixel NYC Exhibit

Collaborated to create the NY edition of the “Pencil to Pixel” exhibition for Monotype. The goal was to create an immersive experience and a cohesive story for visitors that truly reflected the city’s energy. 

The use of bold black type in an overall neutral environment created focus, allowing the typefaces to be at the center stage of the exhibit. The space had two main areas, “Pencil” and “Pixel”. The first one showcased sketches for Gill Sans and other fonts, press molds, publications, photos, and videos of analog typeface production. The “Pixel” room had the first digital technologies and displayed Monotype’s adaptability to integrate type across different mobile and digital devices. The tagboard monitor in this area allowed visitors to showcase their own photos and content aggregated in real-time through social media.

  • Concept design, space planning, and environmental graphics layout, leveraging the cityscape view from the venue's windows as a core place for the exhibit graphics.
  • Coordinated white model mock-ups and renderings.
  • Oversaw and collaborated in the design intent production.
  • Provided recommended selection of fabricators and AV vendors to the client.
  • Sourced and repurposed elements from other local exhibits to reduce fabrication costs.
  • Briefed and reviewed fabricator drawings and participated in status calls.

Applied Arts Desig Award 2013 – Environment Design
Graphis Design Annual 2014 — Exhibits
Graphis Award 2015 — Typography
Graphis Design Annual 2015 — Gold Exhibit
Print Regional Design Award 2014 – Environmental graphics
Good Design Awards 2013 – Exhibition Design
Spark Awards 2014 – Environment Design

Wallpaper* — Pencil to Pixel Typography Exhibition, New York, April 2013
Print Magazine — Relieve the Beauty of Pencil to Pixel, May 2013

Lippincott / ︎ Albert Vecerka