Colette Malouf Global Store Guidelines

As a Creative Director, I developed Colette Malouf’s Global Retail Standards to bring a cohesive brand experience with a unified look & feel to the stores.

I provided a comprehensive audit of the previous stores, establishing tailored benchmarking best practices to inform the new design. The assessment included competitive strengths, as well as opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Through client work sessions I established the design criteria, principals and proprietary language for the different retail fixtures. The 50+ page CM’s Global Store Guidelines Book outlines the elements needed to create a new retail experience. They include: signage, design principals, a planning checklist, layout examples, fixture modules and merchandising principals.

The project included the design of the first 5 new stores for different airport terminals in China and Thailand. The guidelines have informed the renovation of 5 additional stores, shop in shops and tradeshows.